Conicet – Argentina

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Conicet – Argentina


ConicetThe National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) is the main organization in charge of the promotion of Science and Technology in Argentina.  The principal objective of this agency is to boost and implement scientific and technical activities in the country and in all different fields of knowledge.

This institution has its own researchers and professionals. Thus, CONICET offers different grants and finances projects, institutions and national research centres in all parts of the country.

CONICET comprises general areas so as to enable comprehensive development of scientific and technological research.  Thus, it is in charge of all social interest and productive areas ofArgentina. Apart from that, this organization promotes different exchanges and stimulates national and international cooperative processes.

Areas of knowledge of CONICET

  • Agrarian, Engineering and Material Sciences.
  • Biological and Health Sciences.
  • Exact and Natural Sciences.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities.

Technology is present in all the areas and it promotes the implementation of knowledge.

Founded in 1958, CONICET is a national institution under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina. Besides, this agency is considered as one of the principal assets for the national fund in terms of science and technology.


Contact Details
Av. Rivadavia 1917 (C1033AAJ)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – República Argentina
Tel: +5411 5983-1420 – +5411 4953-7230


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