Hahn Healthcare

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Energy Boardroom

Hahn Healthcare


Address: Level 7, 50 Berry Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Tel: 02 9959 5533

Web: http://www.hahnhealthcare.com.au/default.aspx

Company description

Hahn Healthcare combines innovative solutions and world-class services with market insight to create value in your business.

Hahn Healthcare offers clients access to: the highest quality people, industry leading solutions, innovative services, and new market opportunities.

Founded in 1994, Hahn Healthcare is a trusted partner with a reputation for excellence.

Innovative solutions. Market insight. Trusted Partnerships.

Products and services

As a market leader, Hahn Healthcare is a trusted partner of key decision makers in the Australian pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

We are uniquely positioned to identify partner organisations and market opportunities for global healthcare products, including pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Our team partners with international companies to deliver global solutions locally. We provide strategic advice based on deep industry knowledge and create an access point to the Australian market.

Hahn Healthcare helps international companies reduce risk, manage regulatory requirements and create new revenue streams by facilitating the delivery of global solutions to the Australian marketplace.

Hahn Healthcare is committed to excellence. We build partnerships based on integrity, mutual respect and trust. We are transparent, accountable and operate according to the highest professional standards.


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