Malopolska Regional Development Agency

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Energy Boardroom

Malopolska Regional Development Agency


Address: ul. Kordylewskiego 11 31-542 Krakow,Poland

Tel: +48 12 617 66 01


Company description

The Malopolska Regional Development Agency is your most reliable business partner. we consistently promote the business development of the region through various forms of activity, and here at MARR, entrepreneurs will find firtually all they need for runnning a business, from valuable information to financial support. Beginners and would be entrepreneurs can take advantage of subsidies and training. Those who are already prosperous can find out how to protect their intellectual property and those pursuing EU projects can get help obtaining EU subsidies.

Products and services

Innovative Malopolska

“People who take risks change the world” – Yoshihisa Tabuchi.

This is how we understand the building of a business brand of an innovative region. In Malopolska, a region of immense R&D potential and highly specialised personnel, the transfer of scientific achievements to business seems to be an obvious trend.

Following this trend, the Malopolska Regional Development Agency offers bold capital investment and propagates intellectual property protection in enterprises.

The fact of using EU funds within Operational Programme Innovative Economy makes MRDA an unquestionable leader.

Business In Malopolska

The stable Malopolska business offer is a result of well-run business activities.

What counts is experience, reliability, effectiveness.

The initiative of the Malopolska Voivodeship (region), the Kraków Technology Park and the Malopolska Regional Development Agency – the leader of the Business in Malopolska project guarantees the creation of the first, professional business service Centre for the whole region.

Join those who want to be competitive and effective.


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