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Nucleus Network


Address: 5th Floor, Burnet Tower, AMREP Precinct ,89 Commercial Road,Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3004

Tel: + 613 9076 8900


Company description

Nucleus Network is committed to operational and service excellence. All Nucleus Network’s clinical research is conducted in accordance with internationallyrecognised standards of Good Clinical Practice. Data generated is accepted by all major regulatory jurisdictions including FDA, EMEA and TGA.

Whether you work with Nucleus Network clinical research team, education or consulting personnel, Nucleus Network are committed to providing high quality services and adherence to ethical principles. It is Nucleus Network’s aim to deliver services in a timely and cost-effective manner and to give customers peace of mind. To achieve this, Nucleus Network uses the latest technologies within a coordinated and collaborative framework.

Nucleus Network is committed to quality and continuous improvement in order to meet our clients’ needs for timeliness and high quality data.

Products and services

Research, Clinical trials


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