Pfizer Austria

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Pfizer Austria


Address: Pfizer Corporación Austria, Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 1, PO Box 439, A-1210 Viena 

Tel: 00 43 1 52 11 5-0 


Company description

In 1956, the Pfizer subsidiary was opened in Vienna Austria. In the following decades, the merger of Pfizer with the pharmaceutical companies Mack (1988), SmithKline Beecham Animal Health, Warner Lambert. (2000) and Pharmacia (2003) the position of Pfizer Austria in the Austrian pharmaceutical market changed dramatically In May 2010, the merger with Wyeth, Pfizer so Austria is now also in the fields of biologics and vaccines of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Austria. The high growth rates require a steady increase in the number of employees. 1998 Pfizer Austria therefore moved to a larger house in the Silk Street in the 7th District of Vienna, with the beginning of 2005 in the 21st Floridotower District.

Products and services

Pfizer is prioritizing its research and development efforts in areas with the greatest scientific and commercial promise: immunology and inflammation, oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neuroscience and pain, and vaccines. Through major research efforts across multiple modalities — including small molecules, biologics and vaccines — Pfizer is developing the medical solutions that will matter most to the people we serve. Specialized efforts in biosimilars as well as orphan and genetic diseases also illustrate our dedication to develop and deliver innovative medicines and vaccines that will benefit patients around the world.


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