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Louise Chachoua – President, Senate Health Commission, Algeria
Hakkı Gürsöz, President, TiTCK, Turkey
Justin Wu – COO, CUHK Medical Centre, Hong Kong
Interview: Ümit Dereli – Secretary General and Cengiz Aydın – Investment Policies and Corporate Communication Director, AIFD, Turkey
Interview: Adalberto Campos Fernandes – Minister of Health, Portugal
Regulating Botanics: A Bespoke Approval Model For Herbal Medicines?
China’s Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong Life Sciences
Letitia Robinson, Director, US FDA, India Office
Interview: Santiago de Quiroga – President Editor, El Global and CEO, WeCare-u, Spain
Regulatory Science Struggling to Keep Pace with Innovation
Humberto Arnés – Director General, Farmaindustria, Spain
Bob McLay – Vice President and General Manager, Sobi Canada
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