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Interview: Andrés Soto & Luis Baez – Co-Founders, ISPV, Puerto Rico
Interview: Francisco G. Arteaga-Martínez – President & CEO, CPM, Puerto Rico
Interview: José M. Jiménez – Vice President and General Manager, Torcon Puerto Rico Operations
Interview: José Luis Rodríguez – CEO, Hospital Pavia Santurce, Puerto Rico
Interview: Juan Sénquiz – President and CEO, JC Automation, Puerto Rico
Interview: Néstor Cardona – President, N&CS Consulting Group, Puerto Rico
Interview: Felix Negrón – Vice President, Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations
Interview: Michel van Agthoven – Chair of the Pharmaceutical Committee (Access Team), The American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands
Interview: Robin Edwards – Plant Manager, Humacao Site, BMS Puerto Rico
Interview: Ricardo Zayas – Senior Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, BMS, Puerto Rico
Interview: Iván Lugo – Executive Director, INDUNIV, Puerto Rico
Interview: Maribel Rodríguez-Torres – Founder, President and Chief Medical Officer, Fundación de Investigación, Puerto Rico
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