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Ashish Lele – Director, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), India
Indian Pharma: A Renewed Global Role Based on Innovation, Self-Reliance & Quality
DEMO Pharma: The Risk Taker Spearheading Greece’s Pharma Manufacturing Push
Teva, The Generics Giant Looking for a Comeback
David Perdigó, CEO – Noucor
Essential Medicine Manufacturing in Europe: Securing Supply Against Future Crises
Indian Pharma Manufacturing: Back in Business
Pharma Faces: Jiří Žák, Chairman of FARMAK, Czech Republic
Jiří Žák – Chairman, FARMAK, Czech Republic
Jay Hong – President, Kukjeon, South Korea
Byung Guk Yang – CEO, Daewoong Bio, South Korea
Interview: Antonio Sommei – Plant Director, Amino Chemicals, Malta
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