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Yao-Chang Xu – Founder & CEO, Abbisko
John Luk – Chairman & Founder, Arbele
Fernando Fogarin – Strategic Project Lead Emerging Markets, Organon
Brazilian Pharma in 2024: 5 Gamechanging Trends to Watch
Saudi Arabia: Further Steps Towards Regional Clinical Trial Hub Status
Regulatory Reforms Drive Fresh Momentum in China’s Innovative Pharma Industry
Germany Pharma News: Bayer Cuts 1,500 Jobs; BioNTech Pays USD 25m for MediLink Platform
Fadi Ghanayem – Managing Director, bioMérieux Saudi Arabia & CCAIM
Jean-Paul Clozel Retires as Idorsia CEO: Looking Back on a Biotech Legend’s Journey
Jasmine Cui – Founder & CEO, Innocare
Jimmy Wei – President, Chime Biologics
Jiang Hua – CEO, Boan Biotech
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