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Interview: Dr. Zoltán Ács – Managing Director; Dr. Dávid Greskovits – Managing Director; Dr. Attila Szilágyi – Marketing Director, Meditop, Hungary
Interview: Jozsef Repasi – Managing Director, Soneas, Hungary
Interview: Sebastien Aguettant – President, Delpharm, France
Interview: Bernard Fraisse – President, Fareva, France
Interview: Andre Buhrlen – Managing Director, Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories, South Africa
Interview: Eric Goupil – CEO, Unither Pharmaceuticals, France
Interview: Michel Spagnol – Chairman & CEO, Novasep, France
Why Romania Offers Opportunities for Conditioning and Customization
Park Jae-Don – Chairman, Korea Pharma
Ireland: up the ladder
Ireland: Cut costs or add value?
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