Tagged with Digitalization

Denmark: Digital Weapons in the Battle Against COVID
Lisbeth Nielsen – Director General, Danish Health Data Authority
Emerging Markets: How COVID-19 is Throwing New Light on the Role of Technology in Health
Utilising Data-Science to Boost US Market Access in Volatile Times
Philipp Maerz – Head of Northern Cluster & GM Norway, Merck
Maintaining Open Innovation in Our ‘New Normal’ Through Virtual Collaboration
The End of “Digital” as a Story of Value
Merck KGaA: Big-Ticket Investments in Manufacturing Scale & Digital Innovation
Opinion: The Chinese Doctor-Patient Relationship in the Digital Era
Data – The Catch-All Solution for Costly Clinical Trials?
Tom O’Leary – CIO, ICON
Frank Swaelens – General Manager, IQVIA Belgium & Luxembourg
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