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Incremental Innovation In Italy: Creativity at the Fringes
Luca Crippa – CEO & Managing Director, IBSA Farmaceutici
The Long Read: Innovation, Access & Affordability in the USA
European Pharma Mid-Caps’ US Strategies: Complexity, Scale, Talent
Aldo Donati – CEO, IBSA USA
Pharma Faces: Anna Wienner, IBSA Hungary
Hungary: Entering a New Age of Patient Access?
Anna Wienner – General Manager, IBSA Hungary
Swiss Mid-Caps and Minnows: At the Vanguard of Creativity
Interview: Leonardo Maffioli – Senior Marketing and Commercial Manager Fertility and Endocrinology, IBSA
Italian Switzerland: Creativity & Excellence
Maleša Ulrico Sidjanski – Head of Swiss Business Operations, IBSA Institut Biochimique, Switzerland
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