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Poland Pharma News: Polish Biotech Ryvu Therapeutics’ Deal with Exelixis, Partnership between Polpharma and Pikralida, Adamed’s Laboratory Expansion …
Jim Xu – General Manager, Medidata China
Putting the ‘R’ & ‘D’ back into Ireland
Interview: Kao Su-Chin Chang – Chairman, Weidar Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Taiwan
Interview: David Anchell – cofounder and CEO of Camida, Ireland
Interview: Dan McAlister and Ramy Michael – Co-founders and Directors, EIDA Solutions, Ireland
Interview: Jan Smeitink – CEO, Khondrion, The Netherlands
Interview: Andrés Soto & Luis Baez – Co-Founders, ISPV, Puerto Rico
Interview: Herjan Coelingh Bennink – CEO, Pantarhei, The Netherlands
Introducing Algeria’s Para-statal and Regulatory Actors
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