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The Evolving Role of Medical Affairs in Pharma: Shaping the Future
Andrew Bird – Interim Chief Executive Officer, Acino
Why We Need to Work Year-Round to Reduce the Burden of Rare Respiratory Diseases
Taiwan Biotech News: Gongwin-KY’s Lung Cancer Approval, Anxo Pharmaceutical/Genovior Alliance, Ever Supreme Bio’s Cell Therapy
Ian Restall – General Manager, Metallform, Malta
Interview: Jean-François Mouney – CEO & Chairman, Genfit, France
Interview: Jan Smeitink – CEO, Khondrion, The Netherlands
Interview: Ileana Quiñones – President and General Manager, iPR-AstraZeneca, Puerto Rico
Interview: Karl Friberg – Country President, South Africa & Sub Saharan Africa, AstraZeneca, South Africa
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