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Ahmed Aljedai – Assistant Deputy Minister of Therapeutic Affairs for Support Services, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia
Interview: Kristina Garuoliene – Vice Minister of Health, Lithuania
Interview: Marcin Czech – Deputy Minister of Health, Undersecretary of State, Poland
Interview: Ginette Petitpas Taylor – Minister of Health, Canada
Interview: Gaétan Barrette – Minister of Health and Social Services, Quebec, Canada
Interview: Maxim Sokolov – Cardiological Specialist for the Ministry of Health, Ukraine
Interview: Alejandro Gaviria Uribe – Minister of Health and Social Protection, Colombia
Interview: Tetyana Dumenko – Director, State Expert Center, Ministry of Health, Ukraine
Interview: Héctor Castro – Director of Medicines and Healthcare Technologies, Ministry of Health, Colombia
Interview: Svatopluk Němeček – Minister of Health, Czech Republic
Interview: Edith Schippers – Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Netherlands
Interview: Tarek Salman – Deputy Minister of Health for Pharmaceutical Affairs, Ministry of Health, Egypt
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