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Lau Lit Fui – CSO & President, Zhaoke Ophthalmology
Ivan Perrichon – General Manager, Théa Pharma BeLux
Eyes On the Prize: From Sicilian Roots to FDA Approval
Fabrizio Chines – President & CEO, SIFI
Esteve’s Staffan Schüberg on Mid-Cap Innovation, Generics Divestment & Growth Foundations
Staffan Schüberg – CEO, Esteve
Thomas Köppel – CEO & Founder, This AG
Luis Iglesias – President & Head of EMEA, Santen
Dennis Hens – CEO, Bulbitech
Tatsuya Kaihara – Corporate Officer, Head of North America Business, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. & CEO, Santen Inc.
Qing Liu – VP, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, Arctic Vision, China
Yi (York) Chen – VP, Operations & Commercial Planning, Arctic Vision, China
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