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European Cancer Forum 2020: Belgian MoH Maggie De Block Delivers Strong Message on Access to Innovation
Hungary: Entering a New Age of Patient Access?
Amre Mamdouh – Vice President & Area General Manager Egypt and North Africa, GSK
Christelle Saghbini – Chairman & Managing Director, Sanofi Egypt & Sudan
A Critical Juncture for the UK’s Vaccines Industry
Luca Visini – Managing Director, Eli Lilly, India
Interview: Santiago de Quiroga – President Editor, El Global and CEO, WeCare-u, Spain
Interview: Ángel Luis Rodríguez de la Cuerda – Secretary General, AESEG, Spain
Lord O’Shaughnessy – Under Secretary of State for Health, UK
Interview: Vivek Kamath – Managing Director, MSD India
Interview: Ashok Bhattacharya – General Manager, Takeda India
Interview: Miguel Pasquel – Endocrinologist, Metropolitano Hospital and Former President, Ecuadorian Endocrinology Society
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