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Koji Ueda – Managing Director, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Hong Kong
Krish Sundaresan – GM Hong Kong & Macau, Pfizer
Tony Cheng – Managing Director & GM Hong Kong & Macau, Merck Healthcare
Ahmad Hersi – CEO, King Saud University Medical City
Guy Jean Savoir – CEO, Carnot Laboratories
What Challenges Await Novartis’ New Europe Lead Iris Zemzoum?
Jean-Paul Scheuer – MCO Lead and General Manager Specialty Greater Gulf, Sanofi
Ana Riquelme Francistain – Executive Director, AMID
Daniel Del Conde – CEO, Grupo Somar, Quifa Mexico & Quifa do Brazil
Positive Trends in the Drug Pricing System in Japan
Collaboration, Alignment, & Harmonization: Actionable Insights from DIA Europe 2024
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