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UK Pharma News: AstraZeneca Acquires Fusion Pharmaceuticals; Obsidian Raises USD 160.5 Million
Ismail Shehada – CEO, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals
AstraZeneca Changes Tack with 650m UK Investment Pledge
Manuel Abecasis – President, Portuguese Association Against Leukaemia (APCL)
UK Pharma News: New Clawback Agreement; GSK’s Look to China; Slow Clinical Trial Growth
5 HTA Trends to Watch from UK NICE Chief Executive Samantha Roberts
UK Science Gets a Boost With Rejoining of Horizon Europe: What Comes Next?
UK Pharma News: Novo Nordisk Safety Review; AstraZeneca/Quell Deal; GSK Bellus Acquisition
Rodrigo Rodriguez – Area Head UMEA, Takeda
Jean-Louis Laurent Josi – CEO, Sukoon Insurance
Can the UK’s New Life Sciences Plan Save Its Global Relevance?
UK Healthcare & Pharma News: Life Sciences Plan Takes Shape; Record Rise in Private Healthcare Use; MHRA’s New Regulatory Recognition Routes
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