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Tom LAU – Director of Corporate Finance & Xia JIN – CEO, Immuno Cure
Linda-Gail Bekker – CEO, Desmond Tutu Health Foundation
Canada: AstraZeneca Acquires Fusion Pharmaceuticals; Apotex bids for Searchlight Pharma
Jean-Paul Scheuer – MCO Lead and General Manager Specialty Greater Gulf, Sanofi
Carl W. Dieffenbach – Director of the Division of AIDS (DAIDS), NIH National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Johan Vekemans – HIV Vaccine Product Development Team Lead, IAVI
Farrukh Rehan – VP & General Manager, GSK Saudi Arabia
Disappointing but Not Surprising: Moderna’s Withdrawal from Manufacturing Vaccines in Kenya
Moderna: What Next for the mRNA Pioneer?
5-in-1 Meningitis Vaccine Launched in Nigeria: One Step Closer to Elimination by 2030?
Dan Staner – VP, General Manager Germany & Switzerland and Head of the Middle East Region, Moderna
Sania Nishtar Becomes New Gavi CEO with Focus on 2030 Strategy, Vaccine Equity & Fundraising
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