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Khalid LAHLOU – General Director, National Health Insurance Agency (ANAM)
Hassan Boubrik – Director General, National Social Security Fund (CNSS), Morocco
Jean-Louis Laurent Josi – CEO, Sukoon Insurance
Saleh Al Hashimi – CEO, Dubai Health Insurance Corporation (DHIC)
Luc Van Gorp – President, Christian Mutuality, Belgium
Hossam Sadek – CEO, Universal Health Insurance Authority (UHIA), Egypt
Pius Zängerle – Director, curafutura, Switzerland
Luc Van Gorp – President, Christian Mutuality Health Insurance Fund, Belgium
David Šmehlík – Deputy Director, VZP, Czech Republic
The US Healthcare Insurance Industry Hits Back
Matt Eyles – President & CEO, Association of Healthcare Insurance Providers (AHIP), USA
Martin Balada, CEO & Kateřina Podrazilová, Drug Policy Coordinator – Association of Health Insurance Companies of the Czech Republic (SZP ČR)
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