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Gianfranco Nazzi – CEO, Almirall
Robert Fabregat – CEO, Biocat
Montserrat Vendrell – Partner, Alta Life Sciences
Vall d’Hebron: A One-Stop-Shop for Breakthrough Innovation in Catalonia?
Judit Anido – CEO, CataloniaBio & HealthTech
5 Things to Know about the Life Sciences in Catalonia
Catalonia: At the Forefront of Spanish Healthcare
Alba Vergés – Minister of Health, Government of Catalonia
Albert Barberá – Director General for Research and Innovation in Health for the Government of Catalonia, Spain
Melqui Calzado – General Secretary, Catalonia Bio and Health Tech, Spain
Jordi Naval – CEO, Biocat, Spain
Francesc Posas – Director, IRB Barcelona, Spain
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