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Girisan Kariangal – Managing Director, Menarini India
Advances and Snags in LEO Pharma’s Ongoing Revamp
Nicos Ragoussis – Managing Director, LEO Pharma Greece, Cyprus, and Albania
Byong Seung Cho, CEO – ExoCoBio
Charles-Henri Bodin – General Manager, Pierre Fabre Italy
Almirall CEO on Challenging Sanofi and “Owning” European Dermatology Market
Gianfranco Nazzi – CEO, Almirall
LEO Pharma CEO Resigns as Company Looks Toward IPO
Kristel de Bisschop – General Manager, Pierre Fabre Benelux
Christopher Posner – EVP of Region US, LEO Pharma A/S; President & CEO, LEO Pharma Inc.
Roman Dusil – General Manager, Pierre Fabre Laboratories Czech Republic & Slovakia
Attila Fejer – General Manager, Eli Lilly Romania
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