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Interview: Jakub Dvořáček – Executive Director, Asociace Inovativního Farmaceutického Průmyslu (AIFP), Czech Republic
Interview: Aarnoud Overkamp – Managing Director, Takeda Netherlands
Interview: Yvonne van Rooy – President, NVZ, The Netherlands
Interview: Prof. Thierry Philip – President, Institut Curie, France
Interview: Costas Piliounis – Vice President, Novo Nordisk Italy
Interview: Prof. Manuela Battaglia & Prof. Lorenzo Piemonti – Vice-Directors, Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Italy
Interview: Claude Le Pen – Consultant, IMS Health, France
Interview: Prof. Luca Pani – Director General, AIFA, Italy
Interview: Hatem Safei – Managing Director, Bayer Egypt
Interview: Gaby Simaan Jnr. – Managing Director, Trinity Pharma, South Africa
Interview: Jenny Wright – Managing Director, Galderma South Africa
Interview: Hans Schikan – Health Holland, The Netherlands
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