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R&D in Puerto Rico: A Growing Palm Tree
Interview: Bruno Masurel – Head of International Division, Lyon Chamber of Commerce (CCI Lyon), France
Interview: Manfred Rüdiger – CEO, Robbert Van Heekeren – CFO, Jeroen Rovers – CMO, Kiadis Pharma, The Netherlands
Interview: Finn Søndergaard – CEO, Intsel Chimos, France
Interview: Michel Finance – CEO, Theradiag, France
Interview: Frans Vlaar – Business Unit Director Europe/America, DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals, The Netherlands
Interview: Francois Sarkozy – President, FSNB Health & Care, France
Interview: Denis Delval – Senior Vice President, Europe West and South, General Manager, France, ALK, France
Interview: Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney – Managing Director, Global Life Sciences and Health Care Industry Group, Deloitte, Latin America
Interview: Stefan Braam – CEO, Pluriomics, The Netherlands
Interview: Arnaud Gobet – Chairman, Innothera, France
Interview: Olivier Pilley – General Manager, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals France
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