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Brazilian Pharma in 2024: 5 Gamechanging Trends to Watch
Fahad Al Shebel – CEO, NUPCO, Saudi Arabia
Sanchit Chaturvedi – Managing Director, Halewood Laboratories
Kaushik Chaturvedi – Chairman, Halewood Laboratories
Jimmy Wei – President, Chime Biologics
Medtech: The Nearshoring Allure of Mexico
Allen Li – President, Cytiva in China
Ibrahim Aljuffali – Chairman of the Board, Lifera
Egypt Pharma News: 500500 Oncology Hospital Nears Launch; EIPICO Looks to Kazakhstan; How Egypt Beat Hep C
Jérôme Cabannes – CEO, SPIMACO
Ahmed Aljedai – Chairman, SPIMACO
Sania Nishtar Becomes New Gavi CEO with Focus on 2030 Strategy, Vaccine Equity & Fundraising
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