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Han Yahui – Vice President, Scrianen
Bridging the Open Innovation Gap Between Academia and Pharma in Japan
Song Ruilin – Executive President, PhIRDA, China
Changing Ourselves to Change the World: Engaging in India’s Pharma Development Strategy
Rare Disease Moonshot: Europe’s Public-Private Coalition to Erase the Rare Disease “White Spots”
Adrien Delamare-Deboutteville – MCO Lead Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and General Manager, General Medicines, Sanofi
Joe Henein – President & CEO, Newbridge Pharmaceuticals
Mohamed Ezz Eldin – Head, Novartis Gulf
Shahad Mahdi – Acting Secretary General, PHRMAG
Nisa Leung – Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners
Vítor Papão – General Manager, Gilead Sciences Middle East & Russia
The Power of Partnerships & Innovation: Accelerating Progress Toward Universal Health Coverage by 2030
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