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Amer Benouda – Vice President, ABA Technology
Office-Lab Conversions: A Golden Goose Laying Golden Eggs?
Pierluigi Petrone – CEO, Petrone Group & President, ASSORAM
Diego Ruiz – CEO, Eseotr3s Pharma, Mexico
Salvador Montes – Director of Operations, Essentra Packaging, Puerto Rico
Marie Rosado – President, 3A Press, Puerto Rico
Francisco Díaz-Massó – President, BLDM, Puerto Rico
Mark Yang – CEO, GaleMed, Taiwan
Lisette Villavicencio – President, Villavicencio & Associates Construction, Puerto Rico
Tom Forester – General Manager, CRB Caribe, Puerto Rico
HE Ming – CEO, SAPS, China
Gamze Çıtıroğlu – General Manager; Murat Çıtıroğlu – Founder & Managing Partner; Pınar Çakır – Business Development and Pharma Division Director, Ekin Kimya, Turkey
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