written on 03.03.2014

Taiwan’s residents to get flu vaccinations


As the current flu season reaches its peak in Taiwan, residents of the Changhua County have been told by the country’s Public Health Bureau to get free flu vaccination from local hospitals and clinics.
According to the Centers for Disease Control’s weekly reports, the flu season reached a peak in late January and has remained at that level.
The bureau said that since infants, young children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases are more likely to develop fatal complications from the flu, they should be vaccinated as soon as possible.
As per the report of the bureau, people entitled to the free shots include children aged six months and above up to elementary school, people aged 65 years and above, care home residents, medical personnel, poultry and animal husbandry workers, and people between the ages of 50 and 64 with chronic diseases.
The bureau said that people with this eligibility should contact the hospitals and clinics offering free vaccination to check for availability, since 98 percent of the 197,500 vaccines the county prepared in October have already been administered.