written on 25.03.2013

The Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection and UNODC presentation on psychoactive substances


San Andrés, March 21, 2013. – The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – UNODC organized in the archipelago the “VII National Meeting of Committee Chairs Consumption Reduction Drugs “, which brings together representatives of the 32 departments and four special districts responsible for leading the country programs of drug reduction and technical staff from different centers in the country Addiction.


Since 2007 Colombia has a national policy to reduce the consumption of psychoactive substances and their impact, which offers a comprehensive and scientific look to address the problem of drug use from public health and social protection risk.


With the motto “drug, a public health issue”, this time the event aims to raise awareness of national and local developments, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, training tools to strengthen the response capacity at local, so that the process of decentralization nationally continue coming true.


The opening event with the participation of Minister Alejandro Gaviria, Governor of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina Aury Guerrero, the UNODC Representative for Colombia, Bo Mathiasen, and Senator Juan Manuel Galán Pachon.


The meeting with the participation of national experts on specific topics to prevent, mitigate and overcome the problems of drug use. Likewise, the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control, CICAD, Organization of American States, through the Head of the Institutional Strengthening and comprehensive programs, Javier Sagredo, a presentation on public policy and social inclusion in Latin America.


Given the serious implications of drug use on the welfare of the population and public health, it is expected that this meeting will pose new challenges to advance in a more effective and relevant to the country.


Taken from: http://www.minsalud.gov.co/Paginas/Consumo-de-drogas-un-asunto-de-salud-publica.aspx

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