written on 09.12.2020

Vaud-based medtech company Abionic launches new tool for faster triage of Covid-19 patients


With the launch of its CE-Mark certified device cSOFA, which assesses the severity of Covid-19 among patients within only five minutes of analyzing a blood sample, Abionic aims to prevent hospital overload by allowing health workers to assign patients to general wards, intensive care units or discharge them from the hospital.


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries around the globe have seen increasing occupancy rates in hospitals. Patient triage, until now, has relied mostly on patient age, a criterion sometimes criticized for being discriminatory.

The Vaud-based start-up and EPFL spin-off Abionic has launched the cSOFA score (Covid Sequential Organ Failure Assessment), which enables a shift from demographic to medical criteria, taking into account the severity of each case. Within only five minutes, the tool will deliver the results that serve as a base for assigning Covid-19 patients.

The newly launched cSOFA relies on PSP (pancreatic stone protein), a novel biomarker Abionic has already clinically validated and marketed. The tool has already obtained the authorization to sell in Europe (CE mark).


Cutting-edge nanotechnology for multiple application devices


Founded in 2010 and based at the Biopôle, Abionic is a medtech company commercializing a revolutionary nanofluidic technology, providing healthcare professionals with a fast, simple and universal diagnostic tool. Abionic’s cutting-edge Nanotechnology enhances efficiency and versatility of standard ELISA tests to deliver optimal point of care (POC) treatment options with the ability to reduce the current biological techniques from macroscale to nanoscale in a multi-analyte environment.

Abionic’s In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) platform provides lab-quality results in 5 minutes from a single drop of blood at the POC enabling personalized diagnostics and the possibility of immediate treatment initiation.

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