Key recent investments from Middle Eastern companies into Algerian Pharma.


Saudi company Tabuk Pharmaceuticals invests USD 20 million into a plant in Blida (2014)

“We arrived in Algeria in 1997 with imports only. Then Tabuk partnered with the Central Pharmacy of Hospitals (PCH) in 2004. We had a renewed vision of Algeria and wanted to invest in the country. In 2010, Tabuk came back with the stated purpose to build a plant and manufacture locally. First, we would only import and market around ten of Tabuk’s products in Algeria. Then in 2014, the Minister authorized us to go forward. We had a specific investment fund of about USD 20 million, and Tabuk built a plant in Blida, which is now up and running.”

Malika Benmouffok, country manager, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals


Emirati firm Julphar consolidates its manufacturing partnership with the PCH by introducing its innovative MEBO-Scar technology to Algeria (2016)

“Julphar’s mission is to improve patients’ quality of life in the MENA region and the MEBO portfolio dedicated to wound and scar management helps us achieve this mission. As Algeria is one our most strategic markets, we have decided to introduce MEBO Scar to Algeria to complete the MEBO portfolio and to help Algerian physicians improve their patients’ quality of life.”

Hosam Badr, marketing director, Julphar


Jordanian outfit ACDIMA signs a partnership agreement with Saidal (2017)

This agreement consists of the creation of a joint venture between the two parties which will be in charge of carrying out compliance studies of generic drugs with the originators in Saidal’s new bio-equivalence centre in Hussein Dey (Algiers).



Saudi player Jamjoom secures landmark tie-up with Algeria’s HUP (2017)

Algerian pharmaceutical laboratory Huppharma entered into partnership with Saudi counterpart Jamjoom Pharma to open an ophthalmology drug factory in Constantine (400 km East of Algiers).

The industrial unit will have a production capacity of 250 million eye-drops bottles per year, according to APS. Established under the 51-49% rule regulating foreign investment in Algeria, the Saudi-Algerian firm will need an initial investment of USD 130 million.


Jordanian Hikma receives MoH approval to establish injectable facility in Sidi Abdullah (2018)

“By the end of 2018, we will be the only private company with four plants in Algeria and the Sidi Abdullah facility will be our fifth, with an initial investment of USD 40 million USD. We will depend on our experience from our injectable plants in Portugal, Germany and Italy, mirroring these experiences to manufacture injectables in Algeria.”

Ma’mon Alaraideh, Country Manager, Hikma


Jordanian Dar Al Dawa’s first product manufactured in Algeria (2019)

“I am confident that we can gain a substantial market share. There are only two other companies willing to produce eye drops. We decided to shift to eye drops before the competition. Moreover, this is a significant opportunity to grow the brand of Dar Al Dawa and build our reputation amongst doctors and patients.”

Noureddine Issad, general manager, Dar Al Dawa Algeria