In Conversation

[Saudi Arabia] is undergoing a truly remarkable transformation, unlike anything seen globally

While we highly prioritize adherence to regulations, we are actively developing a fast-track approach for essential medicines to address critical healthcare needs swiftly

We want to be major contributors to the evolution of the healthcare ecosystem as Morocco moves towards universal healthcare

Starting from scratch in foreign markets requires dedication and adaptability, but it also presents opportunities for growth and learning.

We need a balanced approach that would allow for reasonable medication prices while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the social security system

I am confident that over time, with joint work between innovators and health authorities, we will find a solution that will get the necessary treatments to…

By establishing our on-ground presence in the dynamic and commercial hub of Casablanca, we can contribute to the steady growth of the healthcare landscape in Morocco…

ANAM has played, and will continue to play, a central role in supporting the reform processes

Multinational companies will need to present robust dossiers explaining why the government should invest a certain amount of money in their products.

Our pharmaceutical roots and mastery of our craft contribute to the essence of our company

We plan to continue to empower the territories we serve by providing access to better healthcare, safe cities, and sustainable environments

The pragmatic decision making of Morocco’s national leadership gives me cause for economic optimism

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