Insights from existing players on what to expect and how to succeed in Algeria today.

“The key to being successful is to be direct and forthright with the Algerians themselves. Trust in them and they will certainly trust in you.” – Essam Farouk, CEO, El Kendi.

“The pace of doing business is very different from in Europe – as the saying goes, ‘gently in the morning and not too fast in the evening.’ A measure of patience and perseverance is helpful.” – Fatima Zohra Mostefaoui, general manager, Medicalliance.

“Don’t fall prey to misconceptions and outdated stereotypes. Go in with your eyes wide open and see the Algerians as they really are. You will really like what you see.” – Karim Achaibou, North Africa area manager, Innotech.

“Never lose heart. This is a fine market where there’s something in it for everyone.” – Reda El Baki, general manager, CCIAF.

“Algerians are audacious people renowned for making things happen… look beyond the administrative inconveniences and understand that this industry is approaching its heyday, this is very much the moment for you to be here!” – Cherif Benguerba, Algeria Country Head, Sandoz

Article by Louis Haynes

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