The opioid epidemic has reached new heights of late, claiming an estimated 40,000 American lives every year. The highly addictive nature of opium-derived medicine is the cause of the rising number of overdoses in the US and Canada.

There are companies out there that are working to manufacture a new form of opioid such as AT121. A team of researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine and Astrea Therapeutics recently published results about the new painkiller from a study they did with monkeys. They found that the drug lacked the addictive tendencies of other opioids, but unfortunately it has yet to begin human trials.

A promising solution available now is Idrasil, manufactured by C3 International, a company based in California. They describe their product as, “the first standardized form of medical cannabis.”

The firm could be set to profit off the back of the current opioid epidemic, as doctors and physicians look to provide patients with non-addictive alternatives to pain relief.

Idrisal states that their mission is to provide safe access to, “cannabinoids in a pill, for the injured, sick and dying.” They go on to describe Idrasil™ as “a holistic alternative to addictive opiates and life-threatening narcotics without euphoria.”

Part of their business model is that their product removes the social risks of smoking and the unpredictability of dosages in edibles.

The company could not only be positioned to profit from medical professionals trying to provide patients with non-addictive analgesics, but also to those looking to reject conventional medicine in preference for a natural solution — “Idrasil™ eliminates the negative social stigmas associated with Medical Cannabis and replaces them with a mainstream all natural nutraceutical which looks like any other pill on the market.”