China Pharma News: Antitrust Threat to Pharma; June BioNTech Vaccine Approval; EpimAb IPO; CanSino Inhaled Vaccine Trials


The latest China pharma news, including the upcoming first domestic approval for a foreign COVID-19 vaccine in June; the potential of Western China as a manufacturing hub; and EpimAb’s plan for a public stock offering in 2022 amid a booming global bispecific antibodies market.


Pharma Not Immune From Coming Antitrust Wave In China (Informa)

China’s historic antitrust fine against Alibaba indicates regulatory attention to anticompetitive practices is mounting. While the pharma sector remains segmented, investigators appear to be taking a generally more sophisticated approach to transgressions.


China Expected to Approve BioNTech Vaccine in June, AmCham Says

China is expected to approve BioNTech SE’s Covid-19 vaccine in June, according to the head of American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Ker Gibbs.


Western China pharma manufacturing needs investment, but will China’s five year plan bridge the gap? (Pharmaceutical Technology)

Western China’s pharmaceutical production needs international and domestic investment, but the region offers great potential as Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical demand continues to grow.


At BGI, China’s genomics giant, the line between biotech and Beijing is increasingly blurry (STAT)

On Jan. 25, 2020, as the city of Wuhan headed into the world’s first Covid-19 lockdown, the Chinese billionaire Wang Jian arrived on one of the last incoming trains. Flanked by a small entourage of younger scientists, Wang exited the station wearing a mask, a light puffy jacket, and a backpack. Thousands were fleeing the river port metropolis. But Wang came ready to work.


Chinese biotech firm boosts funding, plans IPO next to catch European rivals in cancer therapy market (SCMP)

EpimAb Biotherapeutics, a developer of bispecific antibody for cancer therapy, plans a public stock offering early next year. The global market for bispecific antibodies is estimated at US$12 billion by 2026, according to a Kuick Research report


Chinese pharma company is starting trials of an inhaled COVID-19 vaccine (Fortune)

On Sunday, Chinese firm CanSino Biologics announced that it will start clinical trials for an inhaled COVID-19 vaccine next week.


OPINION: China cannot win the great vaccine diplomacy game without vaccines (Nikkei Asia)

Beijing’s early advantages in supply, speed and demand are slipping

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