As the largest pharma market in MEA in terms of volume and second only behind Saudi in value, Egypt is an increasingly important part of pharma multinationals’ MEA operations. Here, three regional managers give their takes on what Egypt means to their companies, and their hopes for its future development.


Oscar Delgado, general manager MEA, BMS

“After my recent visit to Egypt, I’m very optimistic for the future potential of the country. I have seen that there are a large number of opportunities for collaborating with authorities, and the government has made a very clear commitment to transforming the healthcare system.

“For instance, there are many initiatives in place at different levels such as strategies to ensure that cancer patients in Egypt are treated at the same level as developed country. Egypt should be very proud of all these initiatives and we as BMS are excited to be part of this journey. We look forward to having more collaboration with authorities for the benefits of patients in Egypt.”

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Khaled Elrefae, general manager MEA, Ipsen

Khaled Elrefae“The massive transformation of the Egyptian healthcare system is making the country a more attractive destination for Ipsen and could eventually lead to us establishing a physical presence there. There are fabulous opportunities for companies like Ipsen to play a role in realising Egypt’s Vision 2030 transformation goals.

“The creation of a fast-track regulatory mechanism within the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) is a game changer and can move the dial from patients having to wait three to four years for a drug following FDA or EMA approval to having access within 18 to 24 months.

“The second important transformation is the creation of the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement (UPA), which aims to secure the highest quality products at the best price. The Egyptian government has shown a clear willingness to establish value-based methods, evidence-based technology assessment tools, and robust supply chain options, all of which create transparency in pricing and streamline access

“A third significant change is the creation of a unified healthcare insurance system, connecting healthcare organisations with local insurance agencies and regulators. It is fantastic to see all stakeholders involved in the management of healthcare sitting down together and trying to put a new process and system in place, thereby creating universal coverage for Egypt’s 100 million-plus population.”

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Mohamed Nasser, general manager MEA, Amgen

“Egypt is a very important country for Amgen. Not many countries in the MEA region have such a large population and an ambitious healthcare transformation program. These two factors mean that Egypt represents a key opportunity.

“In terms of goals, we are aiming to better understand patient data in Egypt to promote prediction, prevention, and early intervention. We also focus on diseases where we can have the deepest impact and where our medicines could help avoid and/or treat challenging illnesses. We have also started to focus on conducting clinical trials in the country. It’s important to remain creative, and agile and collaborate with stakeholders to bring data into the dialogue.”

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