Egypt: Making Moves Towards Universal Healthcare


Last week saw the first meeting of the board of Egypt’s new Universal Healthcare Authority (UHA) managed by the Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait. Created to oversee the implementation of the new universal health insurance system, it will be put in place in July 2019.


The new system will also aim to overcome glitches in the current one and to offer better medical services to the Egyptian public.


Funding will be primarily obtained through enrolment in the medical insurance system, with people subject to the social insurance law, those working in the private sector, and Egyptians abroad paying five% of their salary.


Unemployed housewives and women with unfixed incomes will pay 1% of any income for each child, to a maximum of two, and 1.5% for a third child.


Funding for the project will additionally be collected through fees added to products like cigarettes, as well as from fees collected at toll stations and during the issuance and renewal of driving and vehicle licences.

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