Spanish plasma specialist Grifols is making a move to invest in Africa, and was recently selected as the supplier for Soludia Maghreb’s new plant in Morocco. The CEOs of both companies see the deal as the first step in a long-term collaboration. 


Grifols, founded in Barcelona in 1940, is one of the world’s top providers of plasma-derived medicines, with a worldwide network of donation centres and over 21,000 employees in 30 countries.


Grifols announced in early July that it had struck a partnership deal with Soludia Maghreb, a Morocco-based provider of haemodialysis solutions. In the partnership deal, Grifols was selected as the main supplier for Soludia Maghreb’s new manufacturing plant in North Africa, which will be the first industrial project for Grifols on the African continent. The plant is expected to begin operations in 2020. 


The work will include developing, building and automating the main process equipment for the IV solutions line, as well as designing a cutting-edge manufacturing line that will produce intravenous solutions bags.


According to Grifols CEO Victor Grifols Deu, the project marks a milestone for the company, allowing its technology to expand into the African region. The CEO of Soludia Maghreb, Abdelaziz Rezkaoui, believes the partnership is the start of a long-term collaboration with Grifols in Morocco, but also across the entire African continent.