New Egypt Pharma Report July 2019 Out Now


In our latest Healthcare & Life Sciences Review, we look at Egypt. With a swathe of economic reforms in the pipeline, including the launch of the Universal Healthcare Act, which aims to provide health coverage to all of Egypt’s 98 million inhabitants, as well as various national campaigns aimed at eradicating diseases such as Hepatitis C, healthcare and life sciences firms are increasingly cognizant of the abundant opportunities that Egypt has to offer.


Topics covered in this wide-ranging new report include the changing mindset of the Egyptian state towards healthcare, the country’s evolving healthcare needs, the numerous operational obstacles that still face pharmaceutical companies doing business in Egypt, the innovative strategies being utilised to overcome them, Egyptian firms’ manufacturing prowess, and Egypt’s potential to be a pharmaceutical export hub for Africa and beyond.


With the exclusive insights of government ministers, the heads of the leading domestic firms and country managers of multinational companies, as well as some of the Egyptian industry’s most important service providers, this report highlights the significant progress being made in Egyptian healthcare, the numerous opportunities being created for investment, and the strategies being utilized to navigate what is a large and complex market.


Download the report here.

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