Building on the topics covered in our March 2019 report, the latest edition of Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Spain takes a closer look at the broader Spanish life sciences value chain.


With the Iberian nation enjoying an economic rebound, pharmaceutical multinationals are once again seeing Spain as a favourable investment destination, taking into account the country’s Swiss or German quality levels at southern European prices. Indeed, recent years have seen big ticket infrastructural investments in Spanish manufacturing plants from the likes of Pfizer, Takeda and Bayer.


This trend is also prevalent in the medical devices sphere, with Becton Dickinson and B Braun, to name but two, looking once more to Spain.


Medtech firms are also at the forefront of another key trend tackled in this report: Spain’s move towards a value-based healthcare model and how public and private actors are interacting to create innovative and digital solutions.


Other topics touched on in this comprehensive and wide-ranging report include how the region of Catalonia is forging ahead in healthcare innovation, why Spain is increasingly a happy hunting ground for resourceful generics firms, and how players in niches as diverse as dermo-cosmetics and bugtech are achieving Spanish success.


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