Oliver Brandicourt, Sanofi’s CEO has kept his promise to steer the company back on the path to growth. This change in fortune comes after the French Pharma giant suffered losses due to competition to its diabetes and cardiovascular franchises.

The growth is largely down to Dupixent — a drug for use in moderate to severe atopic dermatitis adult patients — and recovered vaccine sales.

For the third quarter, Dupixent sales leapt by 28% over the second quarter, reaching €225 million.

In addition to being a star product for the treatment of severe dermatitis, Dupixent has recently received approval for the treatment of asthma in the US making the drug desirable to an even larger patient group treating two very common illnesses.

As Leerink analyst Geoffrey Porges stated following approval, Sanofi has “achieved the Goldilocks of labels compared to rivals.” He projected $2.5 billion in additional asthma sales for the drug.

The companies vaccine arm, Sanofi Pasteur also rebounded in the third quarter after it fixed a Pentaxim supply constraint in China.

The vaccine franchise delivered growth of 8.2%, with €2.07 billion third-quarter sales. The company is expecting continued growth in this area for the rest of 2018.