Weapons “made in Spain” in the war against Covid-19 (La Razón – Spanish)


Spain takes center stage in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 with the national production of syringes and vaccines, masks or tests against the virus.


Grifols enters Egypt with a plan of 250 million (La Vanguardia – Spanish)


Grifols has signed an agreement with the Egyptian state company National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) to jointly invest around 250 million euros (300 million dollars) with which they will open a network of 20 plasma centers and fractionation plants in the country and protein purification, as announced yesterday to the CNMV.


Almirall: The Third Generation of the Gallardos Ready to Take Over (La Razón – Spanish)


Carlos Gallardo, son of the current president, has been appointed vice president of the Board of Directors of the pharmaceutical company


Ferrer accesses a loan of 50 million from the EIB (El Periódico – Spanish)


The pharmaceutical company Ferrer has signed a loan of 50 million euros with the European Investment Bank (EIB) in order to promote innovation projects in the areas of pulmonology and neurology.


Esteve, determined to make purchases and expand its European presence (El País – Spanish)


The group’s chief executive targets Italy, Scandinavia and the Eastern countries. The pharmaceutical company Esteve is “clearly” determined to face acquisitions that fit with its business strategy despite the COVID-19 crisis and to expand its presence in Europe.