written on 11.03.2014

AstraZeneca, KHIDI setup cancer research program


AstraZeneca signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) to set up an oncology research programme. AstraZeneca will provide support for 12 early-stage translational research projects by Korean investigators’ in the field of oncology. The programme aims to contribute to the development of new treatments for Korean cancer patients.
According to the MoU, AstraZeneca in collaboration with KHIDI, will invite early-stage research project applications from oncology investigators based at research hospitals across the country. Proposed topics should be focused on oncology translational research, with pre-proposals submitted via the KHIDI website by April 15, 2014. Financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed yet.
Head of KHIDI, Keetaig Jung, said that, "This programme is expected to make a great contribution to enhancing the new drug development capability of Korean investigators, and we hope that this effort of sharing know-how between Korean researchers and AstraZeneca will bear fruit in the form of new drugs that will benefit patients in the future."
Mr Steve Yang, head, Asia and Emerging Markets Innovative Medicines group, AstraZeneca, "Open innovation and collaboration is increasingly a way of life at AstraZeneca. We believe that bringing together the ideas of many will help tackle global health challenges and accelerate the delivery of valuable medicines to patients. We already have open innovation collaborations in the US, UK and Taiwan and are excited to now bring this way of working to Korea. We have strong belief in the translational as well as clinical research capability of Korean oncology scientists and are eager to see what they will be able to contribute to this programme."
Ms Liz Chatwin, country president, AstraZeneca Korea, said that, "Cancer is the number one cause of death in Korea and the incidence rate is growing. We hope this program will provide momentum to develop new medicines to help improve the health of cancer patients in the future – both in Korea and globally. As an active partner within Korea’s healthcare community, AstraZeneca is committed to collaborating with Korean researchers from the early stages of the R&D process to support the foundation of Korea’s new medicine research capabilities."