2020 Edition

Hospital Reform in Belgium: A Guarantee of Better Care?

Belgium’s healthcare system was ranked fourth in Europe in 2019, outperforming its peers across a number of metrics including a relatively high number of hospital beds per capita (six per thousand citizens, compared to the EU average of five per thousand citizens) and the second-highest number of doctor consultations per…

Pharma Faces: Sonja Willems, Janssen Benelux

Regarded as one of the world’s leading regulatory bodies, Swissmedic stands alongside its equivalents in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia in terms of the evaluation and approval of new drugs. Although its approval times are increasing, raising doubts about Swissmedic’s continued place at the top table of global…

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Words of Wisdom: Women in Pharma

Four Belgium country managers for some of the world’s largest pharma companies give their words of wisdom for women starting out in the industry.

Parallel Trade in Belgium: Rebuffing the Critics

Stakeholders from the Belgian parallel trade industry outline how their activities are helping to solve medicine shortages in Europe and ensure patients have access to the medicines they need. They also tackle some of the criticisms oft…

Pharma Faces: Veronique Walsh, BMS Benelux

Veronique Walsh, general manager of Bristol Myers Squibb for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux), recently spoke to PharmaBoardroom about her diverse career path, transitioning from medical doctor to pharmaceutical executive, and leading a large affiliate through the COVID-19 crisis.

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Company Spotlight
Stéphane De Wit, A Pioneer in HIV Research
St Pierre University Hospital

Belgian doctor, researcher and professor, Stéphane De Wit has been with the St Pierre University Hospital in Brussels since 1983. Initially planning to specialize in intensive care, his first internship took him by chance to the infectious diseases department where he encountered his first patients with AIDS, met his mentor…

Company Spotlight
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
At the Heart of Global Vaccine Effots

GSK, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines, has pursued a different strategy to that of its contemporaries in the effort to develop a safe, effective, and mass-producible COVID-19 vaccine. PharmaBoardroom recently spoke to Emmanuel Hanon, GSK’s senior VP for vaccines R&D, to get his take on the company’s unique role in the global…

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