Czech Republic

2020 Edition

Czech Clinical Trials: Finding the Niches

The Czech Republic boasts a solid clinical research infrastructure and a supportive regulatory environment, meaning that it stands out as one of Central and Eastern Europe’s top destinations for clinical trials. However, a decline in the number of clinical trials in recent years means that Czech stakeholders are looking to find niches in which it can excel to continue its tradition of excellence.

Medtech’s Enduring Importance for Czech Healthcare

Key stakeholders within the Czech medtech industry highlight how medical devices can improve efficiency and quality of care across the country’s healthcare landscape, why greater levels of collaboration are of vital importance to achieving this, and how…

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Czech Drug Shortages: Both Local & International Solutions Needed

Medicine shortages are a European-wide issue. In 2016, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) formed a task force to investigate availability issues, including medicines that are authorized but not marke…

Orphan Drugs: Building the Regulatory Framework in the Czech Republic

A cross-industry push for better and broader access to innovative treatments is underway in the Czech Republic. Ripe for reform is the country’s orphan drug legislation as no standard pathway for their assessment, pricing and reimbursement currently exists.

A New Era of Access to Innovation in the Czech Republic?

Pharma industry stakeholders are generally quick to suggest that the Czech Republic is one of the most over-regulated markets in Europe, with new or innovative therapies facing significant delays before being able to enter the market.

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Jiří Žák
Chairman & CEO of FARMAK

In 1996 Jiří Žák, chairman & current CEO of FARMAK, borrowed half a billion Czech crowns to take over a state-owned producer of vitamins for which he had started working almost 30 years previously.

Company Spotlight
STADA Czech Republic
Finding the Balance

As one of the few pharma companies in the Czech Republic to offer products across the whole healthcare spectrum, including prescription drugs, generics, over-the-counter (OTC) treatments, and food supplements, the 125-year-old German firm STADA has…

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