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Somewhat of a bastion of openness, predictability, and stability in a region often mired with turmoil, volatility, and economic nationalism, Morocco is increasingly attracting the attention of international investors across a range of industries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the life sciences, where companies are taking note of the country’s strong business fundamentals, solid financial system, international-standard manufacturing, skilled human capital, and reputable legal framework.

Though not an enormous domestic pharma market at USD 1.6 billion, Morocco’s position at the crossroads between Europe and Africa is becoming ever more attracting as a base for international firms looking to locate pan-North African functionalities. Recent years have also seen big ticket investments in Moroccan production sites from the likes of Pfizer, Mylan, Sun Pharma, and Cipla. Moreover, domestic Moroccan companies are rapidly internationalising, bringing their products to markets across Africa and tying up partnerships with European counterparts.

The Moroccan authorities are also helping create a progressively more pharma-friendly environment with a push to broaden access to healthcare and harmonise regulatory, pricing, and reimbursement processes leading to shorter market access timeframes. Additionally, there have been no signs of the preference for locally manufactured drugs in public tenders seen in some other North African countries.

Challenges are nevertheless rife, as in all emerging markets, including serious distortions in access to healthcare among the Moroccan population. On a company level, it has become very difficult for generics firms to tun a profit in what is an extremely price-conscious market. New strategies and business models are, however, emerging, and the market is bracing itself for an incoming wave of consolidation.

Other topics covered in this comprehensive new report include oncology, women’s and children’s health, rare diseases, clinical trials, and much more.

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Valued by Fitch at a trifling USD 1.6 billion, the Moroccan pharma sector can be considered only a middling-size market by regional standards, and much less when set against a global backdrop. Yet the MENA’s 10th largest economy by GDP very much manages to hold its ground when it comes to attracting overseas investment into the life science sector courtesy of a well-honed reputation for openness, predictability and stability in a region far more commonly associated with turmoil, volatility and bouts of economic nationalism.

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