2021 Edition

APAC: Diagnostics in the Post-COVID Era

COVID-19 has pushed diagnostics to the forefront of healthcare conversations across the world. Here, three leading lights from the Asia-Pacific medtech industry weigh in on what the new diagnostics paradigm might look like as the pandemic recedes…

Singapore: A Myriad of Biotech Financing Strategies

Since 2000, when Singapore first positioned biomedical research as the fourth pillar of the country’s economy, government funding towards innovative life scien…

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The Challenges of Regulatory Convergence in APAC Medtech

Regulatory harmonisation for medical devices between countries in Asia-Pacific has long been a challenging issue, predominantly due to the extreme variation in cultures, economic development, governmental models, and healthcare systems in the region…

Singapore: Finding the Right Pharma Talent Post-COVID

Singapore – despite its modest USD 1.22 billion domestic market – has long been one of Asia’s leading biopharmaceutical hubs and a magnet for top talent. Multitudes of biopharma and medtech multinationals, as well as domestic start-ups, have based re…

Building a Globally Competitive Innovation Ecosystem in Singapore

Singapore recently outlined its latest Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 plan, with plans to invest some USD 20 billion over the next 5 years. Here, three key stakeholders from government, academia, and industry weigh in on what Singa…

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Marine Queniart-Stojanovic
Sanofi Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore

Industry veteran Marine Queniart-Stojanovic, a self-described “global citizen with a French passport,” currently serves as Sanofi’s GM for general medicines in Thailand, Malaysia…

Company Spotlight
Guardant Health AMEA
Liquid Biopsies & The Future of Cancer Diagnostics

In 2020, the FDA granted its first approval to a comprehensive liquid biopsy, potentially representing a paradigm shift towards using liquid biopsies upfront as an easier, safer…

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