June 2021 Edition

Switzerland’s Upcoming Cost Containment Packages: Industry Key Concerns

While once considered the land of milk and honey within Europe in terms of market access and reimbursement for innovative pharmaceuticals, Switzerland is increasingly tightening its belt on this front in line with its European neighbours.

Swissmedic: Independent & International

Regarded as one of the world’s leading regulatory bodies, Swissmedic stands alongside its equivalents in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia in terms of the evaluation and approval of new drugs. Although its approval times are increasing, raising doubts about Swissmedic’s continued place at the top table of global…

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A New Era for Mental Health in Switzerland?

Mental health is a global crisis. 25 percent of the world’s population struggle with mental illness; and mental, neurological, and substance use disorders account for 11 percent of the total global disease burden according to data from the Healthy Brains Global Initiative (HBGI). Global mental healthcare costs are expected…

Ticino Looking to Innovative Future With Big New Investment

The small Italian-speaking Canton of Ticino, nestled away in Southern Switzerland, is fast developing its reputation as a life sciences hub which – if not able to compete directly with Basel and Zurich – has plenty to offer in a number of important niches. Ticino boasts a core of well-established companies across…

Switzerland’s Quest for Alternatives to Animal Testing of Pharmaceuticals

Animal testing for medicinal purposes is back under the spotlight in Switzerland after a petition against the practice filed in Bern managed to generate tens of thousands of signatures. Even more ominously, a popular initiative emanating from the Canton of St Gallen is still pending that proposes an outright ban on…

What Switzerland Means to Novartis & Roche

The Novartis and Roche names are synonymous with Swiss pharmaceutical innovation. But for these two Basel-based global behemoths, what value does Switzerland itself hold and what do they see as the areas in which they can truly bring value in their home market?

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér
CEO, Tillotts Pharma AG

Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér, longstanding CEO of Tillotts Pharma AG, a specialty pharma player focused on the digestive system, has overseen a number of acquisitions and the growth of the company from 30 to 300 employees.

Company Spotlight
Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)
Doubling Down on Swiss R&D Investments

In February 2020, US giant MSD announced the launch of a new site in Zurich specialising in R&D, data management, and commercialisation, foregrounding the company’s commitment to Switzerland.

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