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US Biotech Commercialisation Strategies: How Karyopharm & Ionis Are Approaching US vs ROW

With US still the reigning global champion in biotech innovation, the dynamic and vibrant biopharma ecosystem in the world’s largest healthcare market continues to churn out ground-breaking innovations with companies aspiring to follow in the footsteps of success stories like Regeneron, Celgene, and Amgen.

Biosimilar Adoption in the US: Still Lagging Behind Europe

As part of our upcoming US Healthcare and Life Sciences Review, we spoke to key stakeholders – former Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) president & CEO Chip Davis; Carol Lynch, president of Sandoz US, head of Sandoz North America and member of the Sandoz Executive Committee; and Amgen’s biosimilars business vice-president and general manager Alper Ureten – regard…

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Is the USA’s Innovation Leadership Position At-Risk?

David H. Crean, managing director for Objective Capital Partners, provides insights on US innovation and long term sustainability. The life sciences industry within the United States makes significant contributions to both America’s health and economy and is a leader in R&D and innovation based on numerous proxi…

Rare Disease Strategies in the Booming US Market

Rare disease – defined in the US as a disease with a maximum patient population of 200,000 – is perhaps the most salient issue at the nexus of innovation, access, and affordability in the country.

Utilising Data-Science to Boost US Market Access in Volatile Times

Dr Philipp Diesinger and Dr Gabriell Máté outline why a data-driven approach can help optimise patient copay assistance programs in the US across a wide range of patient groups, increasing access and driving down costs in the process.

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Ramona Sequeira
President, Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA; President, Global Portfolio Commercialization; Member of Takeda Global Executive Team

After five years with Takeda heading up the Japan-headquartered pharma company’s US business, following the organization’s 2019 USD 62 billion acquisition of US rare disease player Shire, Ramona Se…

Company Spotlight
Novartis Oncology US
Leaning into Change

With a series of reorganization initiatives, new leaders at the helm and exciting acquisitions, Novartis Oncology has undergone a significant business transformation in the past few years, and if the business unit’s 2019 performance is anything to go by, the efforts have paid off, with net sales reaching USD 14.4 billion, seven percent up from 2018. 

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